Behind on your Mortgage?

Abrams Realty Team can help when you need to move but do not think you can afford to sell or are behind on your mortgage!

Whether you are upside down or need to STOP your Foreclosure now, we can help!

Abrams Realty Team offers a FREE Consultation With Your Local Foreclosure Avoidance Expert.

In your free consultation we will review your current situation and explain what your best solution is to prevent foreclosure. Help determine if you are qualified for a loan modification or forbearance. Explain how to maximize government and lender aid and assistance. We will also weight the pros and cons of renting the property out in your unique situation. Most importantly we will help you understand your future financial position with your mortgage.

The consultation is 100% free so you have nothing to lose. Please call and request your free consultation with your local foreclosure expert now. In many cases we can help stop your foreclosure!

Call (757) 644-3800, Option #6. Remember, in a situation like this time, is NOT on your side. The more time you have to stop the foreclosure, the better your terms can be. So contact us right now to find out what your options are.